Hello WebSerials Fans!

It’s been awhile. Okay, it’s been a year — a full year — since we brought you The Black Dawn. And we know the world of web serials has been a bit dry while we’ve been gone. But never fear: we have returned!

It’s been a busy year for us as we’ve been actively working on our latest series, while spreading the reach of our past shows into brand-new, exciting markets. In addition to its web and comic releases,The Black Dawn is now a limited-run TV series airing in more than 50 countries around the world. The feature-film version was also recently completed and some exciting distribution venues are in the works for that. We’ve been thrilled to reach a whole new audience with these new platforms and it’s been a ton of work making the switch from the internet to broadcast television — but to be perfectly honest, we’ve also missed our amazing web fans.

There’s nothing like the immediate and direct feedback the web community offers and we are so excited to be back with a brand-new series exclusively for our WebSerials audience. Next month we will premiere BEST LAID PLANS, a completely improvised sit-com unlike anything you’ve ever seen before — we guarantee it. The show is hilarious, authentic, and totally original. We’ve been hard at work on it for the past year and we are all incredibly thrilled to finally bring it to WebSerials.com.

We’re back — and we hope you’ll tune in for our latest production!

The WebSerials Team, July 24, 2010