The folly of all Web Shows has always been a low budget and subsequently the low-budget feel.

But a smart filmmaker with a minimum budget, a penchant for guerrilla tactics and willing actors can go a long way in creating an engaging story and still give it a feel as if there was more money involved.

Enter Tyranny that launched with much hoopla exclusively on Koldcast, a dystopian sci-fi thriller about a man having visions of a possible future, filmed on a shoestring budget, lots of stock-footage, funky editing and multiple exotic locations. Episodes have been launching regularly, and the story, although slow, has been steadily working up momentum. Writing and acting are surprisingly fluid and natural and there is this unexpected underlying quality to the show that makes the whole thing work.

Personally I am very impressed with the execution. Through clever editing and blocking the filmmaker is able to hide the low-budget and give us an intense, if a bit slow-moving, story.

And who, pray tell, is the filmmaker, you ask? According to the show’s site it’s protagonist Daniel McCarthy himself, who managed to record his experiences and then disappeared mysteriously. Naturally one wonders how he was able to film himself in a multi-angle cinematic style. Never mind that. The real brain behind the operation is Maxine Stormer, the film-maker who claims to have stumbled across the footage as she moved into a new apartment in San Francisco. Max has gone so far in creating the illusion of being only the messenger, that even on her personal blog she describes her finds and puts all the credit on Daniel.

We get it, Max. It’s a make-believe fakeo-docu-drama.

As mentioned, the show is well done and worthy. Acting, writing and execution are up to par and it has many great moments. At times it’s a bit slow, but I recommend watching the available episodes one after the other, so the slow but interesting development doesn’t hinder enjoyment. After all, it’s only getting better over time.