list_image_trunkTrunk is a short film cut into 3 segments. And thats at least 10 too few.

Trunk is an absolute delight. Written and directed by Chris Hartwell and Brian Walton, the two leads from Cataclysmo, it follows the mission of two agents/hitmen/whatever to uncover a certain trunk… which leads them into more trouble than you’d think they can handle… yet do. Except for a brief cameo or two, Chris and Brian stay off-screen and give plenty of space to Jesse GrothOlson (also off Cataclysmo) as Randy and Bianca Luisa Butti as Jeni, two we’re-so-in-love-we-refuse-to-admit-it hitman and hitwoman.

Everything from acting to directing is spot on, the setting is great and the Howard Hawk-esq banter fantastic. Even the final payoff is marvelously executed and perfectly timed.

From the great studio, here comes Trunk. It’s a love story. With guns.