The Ennead is a mystery show with a deep mythology.

Indeed, there are nods towards the ancient historic Ennead of Egyptian lore, and that makes the show somewhat unique. Much like Lonelygirl15 before it, this show follows the experiences of a group of young people who are involved with an ancient organisation, but the storyline twists more in the direction of Heroes or The 14400 as each character develops an ability. So, is this an interesting sotry to watch? Certainly, to say the least.

Of course it has it’s faults. The writing, although by no means shabby, is taking itself a little too seriously, and the actors seem to have trouble delivering the lines believably without cracking a smile. This causes the acting to become a bit hammy and the interactions feel way too planned and forced. Like in a third-grade school-play, the actors seem to step forward, deliver a line right on cue and hurry back to make room for the next one. This makes conversations predictable and down-right boring at times.

The production and filming quality is very good. Where the acting lacks, the camera work and locations seem to make up for it. The creators obviously put a lot of thought into it, trying their darnest to be professional. For the most part they succeed. The story is a little confusing at first, but once you get used to the constant flash-backs and flash-forwards, a lot starts to make sense.

Interestingly enough the only comic relief the show offers are intermittent comments and apologies from the creators of the show in between episodes. These are improvised and amusing and if the rest of the show had been played and delivered in this way it could have been one awesome, nearly faultless show.