Simon-s-Cat-Fan-Art-3-simons-cat-31728023-500-715A cat on YouTube bringing in millions of hits!

Now there’s one thing we’ve never seen.

What is it with cats and YouTube? There seems to be an inevitable connection, one complementing the other. Memes rise and fall surrounding them. A new language was born featuring strangely-conjugated verbs. Although I has yet 2 meet kat 2 akschully speek dat wai.

But of all these cats, one stands out: Simon’s Cat.

Simon’s Cat is a web series of cartoons depicting the life of… well, Simon’s cat. The show speaks for itself. Simple but warm drawings created by English animator Simon Tofield take us into a black and white world of this very idiosyncratic feline. Because it is that cat’s world, and we humans are only living in it.

The series picks up the mantle of the most famous cartoon cats. One part Garfield, some Tom, some hints of Felix.  No Fritz, though (thats a good thing). Mischievous yet lovable this cat explores its world around it and just about tolerates humans, using increasingly heavy-handed tactics to get its owner to feed it.

The series has won several awards. The first film won the “Best Comedy” award at the British Animation Awards 2008, while the second film won the “Most Outstanding Animation” award at the 7th Animae Caribe, Caribbean Animation Awards Festival. The series has become so successful, Tofield published a book to go with it. So here, for your consideration, is Simon’s Cat. Even if you’re allergic, you’ll find this series an enjoyable moment of felinity.

Aftr all, it kats hoo rule teh internets. Nau, can has clickz plz?