The show has launched! Once again I take exception to the rule of only publishing fictionalized content by presenting you Rubberside Down, a web docu-series about three best friends and their small adventure, dirt-biking for 10 days around the Dominican Republic.

It’s simple, it’s basic, it’s a glorified home-video that hearkens back to the now classic Long Way Round. It’s being quietly launched on YouTube and Blip.TV and will probably be a modest to small success. And it’s an awesome show for one simple reason:

I’m in it.

That’s right, Rubberside Down is the first Visioweb.TV patronized show to be launched onto the unsuspecting internets.

Rubberside Down is the brainchild of Mike Dittrich, an early 30something who just wanted to hop on his bike and get away from it all. He asked a few members of his biker club Dustangels to join him, and this is the result. Shot over a period of 10 days, it follows the three friends on their trip through a Third World Country. You can imagine a lot of strange things happened, but we’ll leave that for you to discover. Will they make it? Will they get into Haiti? Will they even return? Will Alec realize him being in this show sporting a nifty American accent will not make it an instant success?

The show was picked up by iThentic and has been enjoying a prizewinning and long run.

Visioweb.TV invites you to rev your engines and head out on that trip with Mike, Jared and Your’s Truly. After all, after criticizing web shows far and wide it’s time to become a target ourselves, no? Just leave my accent alone. I tried.