The Divorced Girl and the Dating World. Two elements that meet in violent ways. Thus make way for Party Girl Plus One, a web series about this social experiment gone train-wreck.

The 30s is that scary time when life begins. To what is a matter of perspective. For guys it can be the moment when that youthful acne and gray hair overlap, while still being in the zone for dating high-school girls and their moms. For girls it may be the moment when The Clock hits high-noon and they look in the mirror and think they spot those tell-tale signs of age. Both sexes are still at an emotional, physical and sexual prime envied by all other demographics, but somehow social norm expects you (unfairly so) to be married by now, well on your way to a family and saving up for retirement. The simple, plain truth is that this is not the case for most people these days.

Jennifer Dawson will be the first to point this out.

A fun, outgoing, quirky divorcee, Jen is an equal opportunity dater who will try anything once. And that also means she’s seen it all and for posterity has written it down. In her words:

“I had to start dating again after the finalization of my divorce.  That wasn’t so bad, as I like to meet new people and share new experiences. But as soon as one of my dates decided to stick his tongue down my throat before the appetizers arrived, I knew I needed to write these stories down. Before I knew it, I had quite a collection of stories,and a rude awakening that I had dated a lot of guys.  These stories which were recorded in my dating diary have evolved into the episodes you watch in Party Girl Plus One the web series.”

Based on her experiences Jen added/subtracted names and circumstances to protect the innocent (as well as the not-so-innocent) and created Party Girl Plus One where she and a slew of talented L.A. actors reenact her past dates.

I am glad to announce that PG+1 delivers on all accounts. Writing, acting and directing are topnotch, as are production values and editing. However, the episodes are ridiculously short — I say ridiculously, because we could do with more of beautiful Jen and her adventures than a 4 minutes average. The dates in each episode range from funny to hilarious and the actors depicting them are perfectly cast. The writing is a narrative with Jen’s voice-overs and there is a sexual overtone to some that don’t go too far… relatively speaking anyway. You can watch episode 1 here, since its content didn’t even make it onto YouTube. You haven been warned. ‘Nuff said. Also look out for a few minor [explicit] drops.

The show has lots of appeal and the quality production makes it a very enjoyable watch. There is little to be said against the show except that we could do with at least two more minutes of this goodness and hopefully an option to download portable versions. This show lends itself perfectly for mobile watching when your own date jumps the shark…

In the spirit of amusement, here is a poem written by Jen in contemplation of her dating history. I thought this alone was worthy a share:

My dates: what’s on your plate?

Lame coffee dates and the cheap skate,

Weird online dates and foreign mates,

a friend’s date and troller hate.

Fortified dates, the scary jail bate,

ugly blind dates and being late.

What’s my fate? A bookstore Nate?

A kosher date and married freight.

One night stands, hey whose your date?

Man-boy weight and booty calls.

Workaholics, sex addicts, vagina lovers,

college prowlers, texters, the older guy,

money bags, actors, stalkers, you know,

you’ve dated them too.