Between you and me, I just hit the big three-oh, the twenty-ten. A very good age — I finally get to shave. But that also means I’m past the teeny-flick period, and am not overly fond of the “like-oh-my-gawd-like-totally” Valley Girl generation Nora successfully spoofed.


But the great part here is the ‘spoof’. Nora doesn’t take itself too seriously and becomes an enjoyable romp through High School Silliness and Pseudo-Teenage-Angst as teenage Nora tries to spend an evening with her boyfriend, but her mean mommy wont let her: and thus Nora Breaks Free, escaping her mother’s watchful eyes, weirdo babysitters and… the police? The directing and acting is solid and feels truly professional and a lineup of quirky and hilarious characters makes this a very fun show to watch.


Sure, a few moments are over-the-top, but wasn’t that also the point? It is certainly less embarrassing than any of the American Pie excuses-for-movies, and Nora’s mother was a riot any scene she was in.

If you’re looking for a well-done serious heart-break lollipop-teenage-soap show, head on over to Palisades Pool Party. If you want a well-done spoof on the whole teeny-soap generation, this is your show.

Like, so totally.