The L Word - Season 4Academy Award winner Marlee Matlin is out to make noise.

On her Twitter feed she has been rattling cages and slamming her fists against injustices of all kinds and called attention to more causes then Mother Teresa ever could, had Mother Teresa been on Twitter.  Her motto seems to be MAKE NOISE.

No, the irony is not lost on her at all. In fact, that’s whats driving her.

Small recap: Marlee Matlin won her Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for the 1987 film Children of a Lesser God. In the process she broke two records: she became the first deaf actress as well as the youngest actress ever to take that Little Golden Man home — she was 21 at the time. Since then she has led the Model Hollywood Life: movies, TV stints, drugs, rehab, publish a tell-all, Larry King, back to TV and movies. Somewhere in between she managed to steer her life into the right direction, start a family with a loving husband and fight for all sorts of causes and guest-star in pretty much every popular show from West Wing to Seinfeld to Dancing with The Stars.

And do a TV pilot for her own reality show, which is the reason we’re here today.

Of course, once pilot season came and went and there were no takers it’s not like Marlee to just tie her hands and be silent. She approached YouTube with her show and decided to launch it there because of its recent addition of Closed Caption abilities. If the pilot is a YouTube success she wants to continue the story as a web series. She ardently believes in her show and its uniqueness as a recent twitter says:

You wanna watch a show about killing moose and wolves. Go for it. My show is compelling and has never been seen before. Doing it MY WAY.

My Deaf Family is the story of Jared, 15 and his family, The Firls, who live and love like any family except that Jared is hearing and communicates using sign language with his deaf family.

This philosophy of signing versus speaking, between a hearing son and his deaf parents, is the driving force to the stories in My Deaf Family, particularly as Jared grows through his high school years and explores the hearing world outside of his home with cars, hearing friends and dating. The parents insist that being deaf is something to be proud of and it defines who they are; while dealing with a hearing world that too often insists that being deaf is a disability.

As someone deeply involved in the deaf community (although not deaf myself) I feel this show deserves a place in the Visioweb.TV line-up despite the fact that it is not a fiction show.

Remember, Sign Language is also a language — more so, it is pantomime with grammar.

And thus quite literally poetry in motion.