On my search for unusual and anything not produced in Hollywood or anywhere near the continental US, I stumbled across this quaint little animated CGI web series. How does Nigeria sound to you?

Indeed, besides a booming oil and scam-letter industry, Nigeria has a local film industry (they call it Nollywood) and now even an 3D animation web series. Certainly Mark of Uru won’t win any prices, and comparing it with any run-of-the-mill animation house is unfair. And no, it’s not about some guy named Mark from a place called Uru.

Written and directed (and partially voiced) by Obinna Onwuekwe in English and one of the 51o living languages currently spoken in the country — I haven’t figured out the dialect, but I’m guessing Yoruba — with subtitles, its not yet a very perfect project. The sound recording and folly department need considerable work, and the animations are passable to just ok compared to current standards. But the style influence is decidedly anime with an African twist. Appleseed comes to mind, if only in coloration.

The story delves a bit into the legends and folklores of Nigeria, with a heavy dash of anime and lots of black amazon warriors, leopard-humans and giant two-headed leopards, mysterious men is skull-masks wielding impossibly huge swords straight out of Final Fantasy.

A little girl is born with a birthmark, identical to the one the long-dead witch Uru had. She is constantly on the run from tribes wanting to throw her over the next available cliff, fearing she my be an incarnation of this pure evil, until a group of unusual warriors take her in. But the manhunt continues, and there is still the matter of whether she really is the incarnation of Uru…