LonleygirlLittle needs to be said about this show. It caught everyone by surprise when it turned out to be staged and then the viewership split into two camps: those who loved it with a passion and those who hated it with a passion.

The launch of YouTube also launched a whole new generation of entertainment. Although mocumentaries and make-believe real-fake stories have been around since the invention of story-telling itself (I personally believe I can trace it back to Aristophanes and beyond), it was not until YouTube that these things became ‘viral’ — a term that developed at about the same time and used to be something bad.

With video integrating itself into websites it was but a short click to creating stories in said format.

So here is the story of a girl. It’s a conspiracy. It has spinoffs. Stuff happens.

part of the Lonelygirl15 / LG15: The Resistance / LG15: The Last / n1ickola / KateModern mythology