Web Series Creators are constantly looking for new resources for their low-budget or no-budget productions. Here are a few useful links that could help you make that show a bit better. This list is of course continually growing…


Video Production

Video-Copilot — Probably one of the best resources for low-budget and any-budget video producers. This group of film makers led by the ubiquitous Andrew Kramer supply some of the best music, sound effects, AE tutorials, AE plug-ins, AE layouts, AE elements, stock images, footage and especially pre-keyed footage at prices that range from free to under 100 bucks (and just a tad more if you are producing feature film on a 2048×1152 resolution). On the side Andrew and his team also do mainstream motion graphic productions, such as the intro to the series FRINGE. To a lot of editors and AE artists who came into the biz in the last 1 to 2 years, Andrew Kramer and Video-Copilot has become the ultimate resource, mostly because of the great tutorials. After all, we all like free stuff.

Digital Juice –Similar to Video-Copilot, just a bit pricier, but for good reasons. They don’t play around, they got what editors and compositors need. Huge collection of products as well as some awesome free stuff.

VideoHive — Some of the cheapest stock footage, AE projects and general motion graphic downloads. You can also upload your own and sell it here.

Royalty Free Stock Video Footage — Simple but very cheap!

RevoStock — A very good resource for stock footage, stock elements and AE projects at decent prices.

FixMyMovie — Ever had editing issues? Your footage not stabilized enough, clean enough, resolution too low, bright enough, sharp enough? Didn’t have access to After Effect or some other high-priced software and it’s pluggins? Try this site!

Zamzar — Free online file conversion. File formats getting you down? Can’t switch between all these codices out there? See if Zamzar can help.

KeepVid — Download streaming videos to your computer.

RealVision.AE — Ever thought about going 3D? Within the next years stereoscopic imagery will become more common, even on the web. It’s still a gimmick, but a rising gimmick. Here is a blog that gives you some interesting insight and suggests some anything-but-simple ways to transform 2D into 3D using off-the shelf software. Tsk-tsk-tsk… The stuff they’ll think of next…

Cooliris — Need a great way to display your videos on your site and offer a classy looking embed option? If your show has a channel on YouTube then this may be your best option. Cooliris offers a great looking way to embed videos on your site and make them easily accessible for navigation. Take a look. Simply enter your channel’s name and presto. It really is quite amazing. We’re currently using it on VisiowebTV with the new Muppets Web Show here.

Renderfarm — is a platform for doing distributed rendering over the Internet. It is a completely free service that enables its users to render their animations or stills by using the computing power of volunteers from around the world. By doing so, graphic artists and animators benefit from being able to use higher image quality and higher resolutions when rendering. Equally importantly, it enables its users to participate in the rendering of stills and animations, regardless of whether or not they themselves are able to or even interested in learning about 3D modeling and animation.


Audio Production

Sound Dogs — Sound FX

Shockwave Sounds — Sound FX

FreeSound — Just what it says.

AudioJungle — Like VideoHive (same creators) cheap stock sounds and the chance to sell your own stuff.

Music Alley — Looking for that very cool song or singer for your movie or show? Here is a huge selection of musicians who offer their music for use in PodCasts in return for exposure and credit. Find your sound, contact the artist and maybe you get that cool song for free! We recommend for example Jessi Hamilton, the bands 27 Years or Karmella’s Game or even Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Look them up on Music Alley!

MobiGratis — Would you like to have musician Mobi in your credits, and use his music for free? Mobi is not just an awesome and bestselling musician, he also understands the plight of indie film makers and offers some of his music for their free use!

PodingtonBear — Another great musician who offers his creations for free.

FreeMusicArchive — Yes! You read correctly!

YouListen — Think of it as YouTube for audios. Upload, listen, download.

Audioo — Another audio hosting site with a nifty player!

Entertonement — And yet another!

Humtoo — Lots of great music free for use if the production is broadcast.


Photography Production

Stock Xchange — the leading free stock photography site

Stock Vault — more free photography


Useful Software

Ubuntu Studio — if you’re working on Ubuntu, here are a few very good programs for audio and video editing.

Lefora — Need a free forum to hook to your site?


Advice and Connections

National Association of Web Television (NAWT) — Bringing the national and international Web TV industries together to connect to the latest and best in the industry.  Rub elbows with some of the best in the business and make invaluable connections. NAWT will connect you to the right information and resources to help you grow and market your intellectual property. For a small fee, this community is your forum for collaborating, sharing knowledge and ultimately advancing the industry to the top spot it deserves.

InPoint — InPoint is a resource for educators, youth, and others who are interested in youth-produced digital filmmaking. On the site you’ll find information about every phase of production, from fundraising through genres, technical considerations, and distribution.

VideoWTF — A unique message board for video producers, particularly homegrown and semi-professionals. Don’t be shy, we’re all learning. Head on over here and ask a question!

ExposureRoom — A multi-platform talent exposure center for everything video, photos, music and scripts. Also has a great hosting system for your materials as well as kick-butt tuts, forums and general awesomeness.

Massify — A production network for people who make film possible. Collaborate on scripts. Organize your production team. Share resources with those who need to be in the know. Network within an active, professional community. Find actors, writers, and crew quickly and easily. Connect with others in the industry. Manage your professional identity and put your best film forward.

Chinwag — A focal point for digital media practitioners in the UK and beyond.

PRLog — Never underestimate the power of PR. Here you can create and launch a press release for your show and reach a maximum of viewers. The three rules for success in a web show: exposure, exposure, exposure.

WreckAMovie — Online collaboration made easy. Want other producers/creators to chip in on your project? Maybe give you ideas, help out with elements? Submit your production to this site and watch how we can all wreck the industry standard of exclusive and closed productions. Read our article on this site here.

WithoutABox.com — Withoutabox offers filmmakers unprecedented access to major channels for promoting and distributing their work, including: Screening at international Film Festivals, streaming on the Internet via IMDb Video, and selling DVDs and Video On Demand downloads on Amazon.com and other channels, via CreateSpace.


Video Venues

Places your videos could be seen. (List put together with help via dmoz.org)

Episodic — Hosts, handles and runs your videos for a fee.

YouTube — The classic. No comment necessary, except for: you can do better.

Viddler — New and rising. Gives you ad sharing options.

Vimeo — Silently one of the least known yet best. The downside is the waiting time to render once your video is uploaded. Unless you get the instant Plus account you will have to wait several hours for the vid to come available.

Megavideo — Very large interface. You’ll have to try it. The ads are a bit annoying.

Mevio — Small but rising. Great interfaces.

MySpaceVideo — Uh… you know. My Space. ‘Nuff said.

Smotri — A Russian/European YouTube clone. They post anything. And I mean ANYTHING. You have been warned.

Blip.tv — Very cool interface. A site to look out for.

Atom — Another classic.

Babelgum — Very interesting design and a bit high-class.

Funny Or Die — Complicated interface. I blame Will Ferrell. But a great site nevertheless.

Unofficial Selection — from indie film makers for indie film makers.

Snotr — No me neither. A small site, but with potential.

Clipstar — be a star with your show — be a Clipstar. Viewers can vote for the best ones in contests.

Castpost – Hosting for videos and video blogs.

Dailymotion – Allows users to upload their videos and provides tools for formatting and distributing them. Includes featured videos, special events, and child-safe areas for youngsters to watch and share videos.

DoTV – Free hosting with capability of offering subscription videos for paid distribution with no ads on the page. Includes chat and blog features.

Google Video – Search and watch millions of videos. Includes forum and personalized recommendations.

HD-Tube – High-definition clip sharing and MP3 music file streaming, with tools for converting to high-quality Flash videos. Includes forum.

Motion Box – Unlimited storage and high-definition player are available. Features include online editing and tools for downloading videos to computer or handheld device.

Openfilm – High-definition videos and animation from a community of independent filmmakers, film schools, festivals and audiences. Includes social networking features, such as forums, blogs, industry news, and reviews.

Putfile – Free unlimited hosting for video and still images. Includes forums.

Revver – User-generated viral video sharing network with tools for syndication, podcasting, and vlogging.

Rupid – Subscribers can upload and share videos in groups or with friends. Videos are grouped in topical channels. Includes featured and recently viewed videos.

Ublooper – Specializes in short-form original content and includes social networking features, such as private messaging, and rating and commenting capabilities.

Viddyou – Features include HD player, one-click recording, and tools for uploading from mobile phones and other handheld devices, as well as tools for controlling who sees shared content.

VideoWebTown – Provides subscribers up to 30 GB of space and ability to display clips on a personal page with no other users’ content visible or embed clips in a site of their own.

VidiLife – Free hosting for videos, still images, and video blogs. Includes clubs and forums.

Vidmax – Basic hosting for user-generated video content.

Vueflix – Specializes in original short-form content. Includes comment and rating systems, as well as forums and networking tools for exchanging clips.