The market his virtually droning with fleets of drones buzzing into our lives, and while there are dozens of possible applications for these new-fangled flying robots, flying-robots-with-cameras seem to be the most obvious. But dystopian ideals aside, for film-makers to use a drone is a flying-dream come true.

Life After Gravity


Life After Gravity advertises as a sci-fi web series. It’s trailer is underscored by a haunting voice that speaks of humanity as a different species, thus the voice implying itself as being alien. We see shots of a man chased through streets in far-away lands, hazmat suits walking through spectacular ruins, drones flying throughout scenes and one moment even suggests teleportation. What does particularly stand out is the fact that all of it was shot using a GoPro attached to the SOLO 3DR drone. And this shouldn’t surprise… the show is branded by 3DRobotics, the company building the SOLO.


solo-smart-drone-1To those who have been following the launch of these fantastic new drone, many of the scenes in the trailer and first episode will seem familiar, as they are sample aerial shots used by the company in previous videos on their YouTube page. 3DR has been working on a massive marketing campaign and the web show Life After Gravity (which also happens to be the drone’s tag-line) is an obvious extension of it. The 3DR is a drone made specifically for film-makers. The apps it comes with allow for full control of movements in every possible way, to make shots as smooth and cinematic as possible, yet simple enough for anyone. Orbits, Follow-Mes and other shots that are tricky to get on most drones, are but a double-tap away. Me want. Drone. Now.

Episode 01


The first episode, like the trailer, has a mysterious voice-over and spectacular shots. There is no doubt the footage the SOLO can take are amazing. Both in the trailer we see people/characters even using the drone, so we will probably get to experience not just cool aerial shots, but will also receive instructions as to how to use the drones. The editing is smooth and incorporates as many of the aerial shots as possible, and so it becomes a beautiful show-piece for the drone. It’s international locations don’t necessarily point to a high budget… in this day and age this is no longer needed. A savvy filmmaker with the right tools can make anything look big budget, and the SOLO is destined to become one of those tools. The BTS footage the crew shows to be of only 3 or so. I’d love a drone like that to review on our page.

But what about the story? To be honest, at this point it is hard to establish what the story is all about. Locations and a few characters have been established it would seem, and the voice-over is vague enough to create mystery, yet also cluelessness. Besides smooth editing (what’s with the I Ching Hexagrams?) and truly spectacular aerial shots, nothing has so far happened story wise to truly capture attention. Then again, only one episode has been launched by the time of this writing.

We will however continue monitoring and updating.

But gorramit, I do want that drone!