There is an island in the Caribbean that stands out as a gem. It was the island most explored by Columbus and to this day the most visited. It went by many names, but its original was Kiskeya, or Quiskeya in its Spanish spelling. Today it is known by two names: Dominican Republic and Haiti.

As a tourist destination it is prime. But also historically and geographically it is a unique spot. So we here at decided to create short documentaries about all these different and interesting places and publish them online for free. The result is the web series Kiskeya Life. It is hosted by none other than Your’s Truly and executive produced by my lovely wife. So yeah, this is a shameless plug. ๐Ÿ™‚

Think Anton Bourdain mixed with a bit of Michael Palin, sanse the accent. And a heavy dose of Rubberside Down, our previous show with a similar premise of exploring the island which no doubt inspired Kiskeya Life. Episodes usually revolve around a specific issue or locale — be they a place or an event or even a historic event — on the island, explaining what itโ€™s all about and giving advice as to how to visit and experience the place.

Since I’m a bit boring, not all episodes are hosted by me. Sometimes my brother Mike has the honor to sponsor an episode, sometimes a sponsor him or herself are featured, sometimes an animated character makes the rounds.

For all of those wanting to get to know this unique island, one story at a time, this is your chance. Have fun! We certainly did!