Good old fashion British humor is not dead. It’s being reinvented.

Invention With Brian Forbes

Invention is a fictitious show presenting new and innovative inventions… inventions so out to lunch, they could only have come from the brilliant minds of two Anglophiles, Dave & Tom.

This is particularly noteworthy since the humor is heavily influenced by the British surreal motifs along the lines of Monty Python’s Flying Circusand Benny Hill. In fact, Invention‘ setting is very similar to some of the Python sketches of pseudo-interviews that drift into the absurd.

The jokes are sometimes complex, sometimes blunt, sometimes straight-out rude, but those are its strong points. The acting is superb and the simplicity of the settings rely solely on the writing… no fancy sets or props. It’s the jokes and the actors who carry it along. And it works. We’re dealing with professionals and there is no questioning that. Both writers/actors have spent time in Britain and Tom has had stints alongside John Cleese — which brings the Monty Python influence full circle.

Shot entirely in LA, it is good to know that the brilliance of British humor doesn’t die once it hits the US. Can we expect more genius escaping from under this writing team’s various hairdos? In fact, we can. When they’re not busy making up outrageous inventions that will leave you ROFLing, they write, act and produce Safety Geeks: SVI.

INVENTIONS with Brian Forbes by Dave & Tom