Are there ghosts?

The syfy channel as well as other once-upon-a-time-serious documentary channels have lowered themselves to answer this parapsychological question, and for some reason viewers have been craving for the answers. Of course, that leaves plenty of room for parody and Tom Konkle (Safety Geeks, Inventions) and and long-time McFwap accomplice Gino C. Vianelli (Archaeology of Comedy) have answered that with their simple yet effective web series Ghost Quest! (note the exclamation point).

Ghost Quest!

The premise centers around two ghost, spirit, strange phenomena investigators, George Flatman (Konkle) code name Hunter #1 and Spencer Billingsly (Vianelli) code name Hunter #2 who attempt in each episode to investigate a reported phenomenon… only to fail miserably. Mostly it is due to Flatman’s continued incompetence but also to the fact that there’s simply nothing there. The episodes usually end with nothing having been recorded or observed and Flatman usually getting slapped by Billingsly, yet both characters maintain that the events had been ‘scary’ or ‘unspeakable’ — an obvious jab at the paranormal TV shows that make a big fuzz about nothing at all.

Those hoping to see paranormal activity will be sorely disappointed. Those hoping to see two incompetents failing miserably at even seeing or discovering even a sliver of Slenderman will cheer. Especially at the irony that Slenderman seems to be the only ‘apparition’ they actually are able to eventually spot.  Or so they claim.

Tom Konkle’s humor has always been heavily Pythonesque in its nonsensicalness, by leading the unaware viewer into an seemingly obvious fallacy that turns out to be the punchline, or by leading them into straightup hilarious confusion. And like Monty Python, not all the punchlines land. But then again, alike Monty Python, they don’t always have to. The delivery alone is often enough to leave the viewer satisfied. And this is where Ghost Quest — and most other works by Tom Konkle and Gino C. Vianelli — excel. Their funny is in the delivery, not always the joke, and it is a pleasure to see actors in top-form perform a great banter.

Lead on, Tom!