After much waiting and a seemingly endless array of vignettes, episode 1 is out and running!

From the producers of Hidden Frontiers, one of the most successful Star Trek fan-shows, comes an original sci-fi series.

frontierguardSince sci-fi on TV has dried up in the Star Trek sense, here is a show that tries to reminiscence back to the bumpy-foreheads and hard sci-fi story lines. These days when even the new Stargate series moves away from classic sci-fi and more into gritty realism, we need a show that is still simple and fun.

You know the type: standard aliens, mysterious orbs that kidnap kids and lock them in stasis for thousands of years aboard a vessel called (hold your breath) The Ark, futuristic uniforms and cool space ships in even cooler space battles. A space-opera as prescribed by Roddenberry.

tridentAnd from the look of it Frontier Guard is just that. Shot almost entirely on chroma key, the show creators have come a long way since their first Star Trek fan-film origins. The crew has found its niche and creative goals and has created a show that suffers from its few imperfections only due to budget constrains and not lack of talent. The writing is vintage sci-fi, dipping us straight into the story without much hoopla or exposition, taking the classic sci-fi tropes (gravity on ships, sound in outer space, etc) for granted, as they should. Some minor voice-overs supply the rest, and beyond that it develops quickly and steadily.

The first episode is promising. The acting is passable and the actors seem comfortable in their characters. The CGI ships are exellent. There are even the oh-so cool hand-held-style zoom-ins made popular by Battlestar Galactica (and originally developed by Firefly, I’m just sayin’). The ships have names like Trident and Polaris and any other imaginable name lifted from any half-decent space-opera novella… my inner sci-fi fanboy is cheering.

At least in this critic’s opinion vintage sci-fi was overdue.

More episodes are eagerly expected.


Frontier Guard