What if you woke up one day at summer camp to discover all the adults had disappeared? That is the premise behind the kid’s web show eScape. I know there are some extreme summer camps, but this is the kind of stuff I wish had happened in my boring camps.

What the kids don’t know is that they’re trapped in a video game. Oh, bummer. Jack, Myrna, Steven and their schoolmates suddenly find themselves on an odyssey through vast landscapes where they are forced to complete perilous quests, discover fantastic powers and battle dangerous monsters. But can they work together to win the game and their freedom?

eScape is a new web show specifically geared towards a younger audience. With the flood of adult-only shows it was about time something a bit more family friendly came along. The story is certainly nothing ground-breaking. The trapped-in-a-false-reality storyline is as old as Plato’s allegory of the cave, but it simply refuses to die. Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network are filled with similar tales, which is why it might very well appeal to web surfing kids — if we can get them away from watching that darn Justin Bieber that is.

The eScape project, the brainchild of Mike Feurstein, began as an independent summer video course to give young students experience both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Before he knew it it hand morphed into its own web series, complete with surprisingly advances special effects and a few good kid actors.

We’re certainly not dealing with web series amateurs. eScape is the latest project from Runic Films, which comprises part of the creative team behind the web series Star Trek: Phase II, winner of TV Guide’s Online Video Award for Science Fiction, and nominee for the Hugo and Nebula awards — science fiction’s highest honors.

“Wide release of eScape this summer will introduce viewers to the space- and time-bending world of the show,” said Runic Films producer Ben Alpi. “It’s a world we plan to continue to explore.”

Well allrighty then. Call the kids over, here are the first episodes.

[update] We’re not sure why, but the episodes have been taken down. Hope it wasn’t our doing! 😉