In this cleverly unscripted sitcom, everyone’s got a plan for their life . . . that just isn’t working out. There’s Tom, the out-of-work mechanic and hopeless romantic. He’s got everything he needs, but nothing he wants. Roommate Alex was living off his parents’ trust fund until the economy went bust. Now he’s stuck on Tom’s couch and might even have to find a job of his own. Together with friends John and Skip, these guys are always hatching new schemes — trying to get rich, get the girl, or just get by. Completely improvised by the cast, “Best Laid Plans” is a unique and amusing look at the unplanned ups and downs of our everyday lives.

“Best Laid Plans” is a departure from the previous, serialized productions by the talented folks over at The entire show is presented here for your enjoyment right from the start. While the events do follow a loose chronology, there is no need to watch the videos in any particular order. We want to give you, the viewer, the freedom to explore this world at your own pace and in your own way. So, have a look around. Watch some videos, read about the characters, leave us some feedback. We hope you enjoy “Best Laid Plans”!