34905_118311244883759_6418933_nThere seems to be no end in sight to the stories about The End.

So many Ends-of-the-World have been imagined, there is little room left for originality. Time to make fun of it. Woody Tondorf likes to make fun of stuff and he’s shown with his YouTube hit Elevator that he’s got the chops. Thus he sat down to create a pilot and a trailer to an Armageddonish story that seems to run on a serious undertone, is however, as the title implies, a parody. And who best to cast but the renaissance-man-sure-fire-web-series-standard actor Craig Frank and a slew of other web series regulars.

So far there is only the trailer and a pilot and Woody still hopes to find the budget to deliver this show all the way. He’s got the story, he’s got the talents and he’s got the stuff for giving us this End Of The World As We Know It And Make Us Feel Fine.

Let’s just hope he can pull it off before The End really does come…