High-concept web shows run the danger of getting themselves in too deep.

Without a proper budget, quality can degrade and run the danger of turning the web show into a parody of itself. Sci-fi storylines have the tendency of demanding effective locations, effects and acting and thus the majority of low-budget sci-fi movies these days seem to lack all of the above. More so for web shows that are usually shot on no-budget with nothing but the sweat and toil of its creators.

Alpha Planet is such a high-concept show that is aware of its limitations, doesn’t try to hide them and swiftly moves on with the story. Sure, they could have better effect, more realistic ships, better this or that… but overall it delivers. The acting is smooth and doesn’t suffer too much from hammy-ness and the story quickly gets to the point. Their obligatory relationships are established and then we’re in the thick of it. Think good old Star Trek away-team missions.

I assume we’re in the thick of it, as the show has just now begun. So let’s sit back an enjoy. This has the potential of becoming an interesting web series. If they take it in the right direction and don’t muck it up along the way.

So far their first encounter with remnants of humanity includes a hard-disk drive lying in plain sight, seemingly untouched after 200 years of being exposed to the elements. After all, the year is 2256. For 200 years the entire human civilization has lived on the A.R.C. refuge ship, and supplies are running short. Four explorers have been sent back to Earth searching for signs of new life, and we follow these four as they explore this ‘new’ old world. But how did that disk-drive get there?

Earth has never been so alien…