What Is VisioWeb.tv?

visio = Latin. Noun of action form from visus (seen).

web = Collectively, all of the world wide web pages on the Internet. Invented by Al Gore.

TV = A flickering little box controlled by evil corporations. Now mostly obsolete.

What is it all about?

We’re all about web shows, and that’s it. We enjoy watching them and although we’re no big-time web series database, whenever we find something cool, we want to share it. These are our sharing-grounds. Whenever possible we also try to have the full show available for you, so you not only get to read about these shows, you also get to watch all episodes right here on VisiowebTV.

Whats with the unsolicited reviews?

If we have time, we also evaluate them and give our humble opinions as writers, actors, producers and simple viewers, but for the most part it’s up to the viewer to vote and comment!

Where is my show?

We upload whenever we can, but it’s not easy, so please be patient if your show is not here yet. We do have lives, y’know. You can send us a friendly tweet to the VisiowebTV Twitter or go to our contact page and we’ll add your show as soon as possible. No, we don’t post just any show. We’re a little selective and try to deliver a consistent quality in shows.

Alec Corday

Alec Corday

Head Honcho

Who is this Alec person anyway and who does he think he is?

Alec is a small-time Working Stiff who is the main driving force behind VisiowebTV. He is an avid writer, reader, watcher and weekend film makers based out of… some underground lair in the Caribbean probably.

He was born at the same lake were fairytale king Ludwig II of Bavaria drowned, at the same date Goethe and Tolstoy were born and Martin Luther King Jr. gave his ‘I have a dream’ speech. Not that all of this means anything.

He is a self-proclaimed humanitarian with a mission to the wretched of the earth, and proud of it. Will bore you to madness about what he does if you let him. Don’t. He pretends to be cool. Surfs and plays the guitar. Badly. Educated more or less. Magna Cum Laude in the School Of Hard Knocks. Passed Theology thanks to some friends upstairs. Long-lost son of Charlotte Corday. There is a debate as to how many languages he truly speaks. It may be five. No, three. Wait, no, four. But less than ten. We think.

Moonshines as a Freelance Writer, Graphic Artist, Video Editor, Photographer and Nerf Herder. Singlehandedly helped Al Gore invent the Intertube. Has occasional bouts of Grandeur. Rejection slips usually settle the issue. Is painfully aware of his uncanny resemblance to a certain Supermodel. Gets very sore when the subject is brought up. He will not do Blue Steel on request. Maybe if you ask nicely. But not Magnum. The world is not yet ready for it.

Has continuous beefs with the likes of Kant and Rand and anyone else staking claims on philosophy. Fancies himself a Broadway Triple Threat. Simon Cowell would agree. Especially the ‘threat’ part. Go figure. Knows the lyrics to every Newsies song. Not to mention West Side Story. Can quote any line from Princess Bride. Suffers from chronic EOP (Excess of Personality). Recovery not likely. Married to the hottest woman in the universe. Jealous?

When he’s not basking in the sun, catching surf, writing a novel or trying to stop his cat Fluffy from taking over the world. He watches way too many web shows and seems to have strong opinions in their regard as his reviews show, for which he’s not getting any money by the way.

Not unless you click on the sponsor links.

I’m just sayin’.

He also seems to have way too much fun writing in Third Person.

If you think he’s a swell guy you could buy him a cup of coffee. They only cost about $0.50 cents around here.  Really.  Also, follow him on his personal non-VisiowebTV related Twitter tweets here, but be warned for Jack likes to take over that Twitter from time to time to announce his world domination plans and/or general observations to his puny human minions. You have been warned.